On the first day..

February 2, 2010

I tried to figure out how to make a blog. Someone (my mom) told me I should start one, probably so that I stop telling her stories about all the really weird people I meet. My days as a medical student are filled with lots of awkwardness about my role as a fake doctor, all sorts of private details about peoples’ lives, and more smells than I would have believed. My weekends are full of trying out new recipes, checking out new places to eat, and, usually, enough tasty smells to make up for the week days.

This is my attempt to illustrate what happens in a life when optimism meets cynicism meets science..meets butter.

I know essentially nothing about web design, so if it’s not spoon-fed to me, I pretty much have no hope. BUT, I decided that I refuse to be one of those people that says things like, “Oh those young kids, they just figure this computer stuff out so fast” so I have to do this. Truth. This background is ugly, but I definitely don’t know how to make my own yet. How do all these dumb people have such unique looking blogs??

My first big goal is to make this blog not look like a TJMaxx version of a blog. My second goal is to get some readers. I have no idea how to do either. Except……. Hi Mom! I feel like I should put the disclaimer out there that I am, for sure, NOT a baker. Not that I don’t want to be one, I’m just bad at it. Like, really bad. SO, naturally, my first real post will be….. cupcakes! I’m making them tomorrow night. Explanations to follow. The other disclaimer I have to make is that the lighting I have to work with will be ugly and artificial until I, myself, can experience some sunshine. I don’t have a special lens/fancypants camera. Everything will probably look like refried beans. Consider yourself warned.

Introductions all around:

This is me. I’m 24. I don’t have a lot of free time, but I do love to waste it watching trashy TV.

This is John. He is the best person to make food for, and to eat food with. He knows it, which is why he looks so pleased with himself.

This is my mom. I will probably mention her a lot, because…she’s my mom. Also, she’s funny. Her name is Barbara. But sometimes she signs it “Barbra!” I don’t know what that means.

This is Cara, my sister. She is a better cook than me. And really pretty. Dang.

That’s why I picked a picture of her in a beret.

My Dad. If this were a video, you would know why this is such a fitting picture of him. I could write whole books about him. Bob and the Processed Pork Mystery, I might call it.

These are my brothers. If they ever actually read this blog, I will make them their own captions.

FYI, the rest of the posts won’t just be trips through photo albums of the whole fam-damn-ily. Just this one. For introductions! This is last one, I swear. It might look like my family posed for this intentionally. They didn’t. This is pretty much normal. Honest to god, there is more than one picture like this in existence.

Now you know who people are when I talk about them. Grool. Fasten your funbelts.



  1. Ha Ha let’s hope it gets off to a fast start. I find the entries very cute–like you. love mom

  2. This site is darling! I love the introductions of your family which made me laugh and have inspired me to begin signing my name, “Miz Modern Manners!” Life is sounds so much more exciting that way! I can’t wait to try it!

  3. Hi Laura! Hey, I want to make a heart attack on plate meal for myself. What do you suggest? If you are watching trashy TV I hope it includes Cops! Your favortie Uncle.

    • Lawrence P, you already know all suggestions begin with the Marlboro Man sandwich. Unless you care about your health and stuff. I actually do watch Cops sometimes, usually when I feel that my life is in shambles. It makes me feel better. By the way… did you hear about my mom’s shameless name-drop to the Michigan cop? Ridiculous.

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