And then it exploded.

October 27, 2010

Done! That was maybe the longest exam EVER, but at least it is done. Our boards are entirely computerized, and are made up of 8 1-hour blocks of  44 questions. Each question is actually a vignette, so it starts out “A 45 year old female presents with blah blah blah.” And then they give you a short history, and the physical exam findings, and some labs, and some images, etc. And then they ask the question about it. So basically, you want to kill yourself by the time you get to question 275 or so. But everybody gets through it, and it feels like some kind of right of passage or something, and then you go eat a big phat bowl of pho when you are finished.

My brain is really feeling doughy right now, so I have to save the discussion about pho for a time when I can really do it justice. If I could only eat one meal for the rest of my life, it would be pho. Do any of you guys love it?? We must discuss this.

I have to go collapse on the couch now and recoup myself with some trash tv. I do promise to come up with some substantial posts in the very near future, but for now, let me leave you with a picture montage of what happens when your boyfriend is 14 inches taller than you, AND finds himself really good looking.

Oops, let’s try again.

Yup, you’re still that tall.

Getting closer! But you cut off your eyes…that just won’t do.

Ahh, that’s better.  My eyebrows! Cute.

Well I sort of made it! But somehow I got confused on the way there? Whatever, we’re framing it and saving it FOREVER.

And this one.

So cute!




  1. HAHA, nice. Glad to hear you’re done, and more importantly, glad to hear about the soon-to-be-disclosed recipes!

    BTW I love Pho.

    • Cara, can’t you just go by “Cara” and not YourSister?? I mean god, does EVERYONE have to know that all my readers are related to me? Oh wait, i guess they probably already know.

      • As a random and unbiased reader of this site, which I think is very well written and full of great recipes, I have to ask, why are you so cruel to your most hilarious commenter? I really think that instead, you should make her food and drive it out to her. She’s probably the kind of person who is too lazy to cook so she either eats fatty restaurant food, like a jar full of tuna marinating in olive oil, or barely-food food, like a dinner that consists entirely of an apple.

        She’s also probably the kind of person who hits up her manicurist for Vietnamese restaurant suggestions and gets them! (all the places Broadway and Argyle, and apparently we should eat vietnamese pancakes!)

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