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Cook Yourself a Husband: the Marlboro Man sandwich

February 19, 2010

Truest story ever told: When I made this sandwich for my boyfriend, the first sentence out of his mouth after taking a bite started with “If we get married..”

That, ladies, must be the power of meat, and magic. Some people call the magic ‘love’, but I usually just call it butter.

Fair-ish warning: This is not a sandwich for every day. This is definitely not a sandwich for those look-in-the-mirror-what-the-hell-is-THAT-bulge kind of days. This is best on a cold day, after you have been outside in the snow (like when you carry groceries in from the car), and someone that will be eating this has done some kind of physical labor. (Umm, it’s totally fine to glom onto their calorie-expenditure. These sandwiches won’t cook themselves.) But really, guys LOVE this sandwich. Actually, girls love this sandwich. But guys think about marrying you when they eat this sandwich. I feel that’s a pretty good endorsement.

I wish I could say I made this recipe up, but its another Pioneer Woman recipe. Ugh, she’s so good. It’s annoying. Don’t look at her blog page instead!
Ok, do.

But then make this. You will thank me.

I’m going to put an abbreviated step-by-step here, because the Pioneer Woman has one up too. Redundancy is lame.

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