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Eggs in Spicy Tomato Sauce

March 12, 2010

Today in psychiatry was full of some pretty wild individuals.  I would love to share some of the stories here, but any funny stories I tell end up sounding more like I’m making fun of someone, and any serious stories sound too dark for this lovely sunshine of a blog.

I do, however, think it is fitting to tell the story of my first day on my psych rotation. The outpatient practice where I was working in Columbus serves a lot of the city’s homeless population with psych issues. I was in the lobby, waiting for the person I was working with to come and get me. Within 5 minutes, a woman had come up and insisted that I take the orange furry hat she had evidently brought just for me, AND wanted to see how it looked on me. Then, these 2 other guys could not stop laughing at the fact that my boots looked like I was “wearing my socks on the outside” and one of them said, “I’m gonna buy you some shoes!” Apparently, I look SO bad that even homeless people feel the need to give me charity. Awesome. What’s even worse, is that this was my first day and I was actually trying to look put together. Umm, fail.

In other news, tonight I made this for dinner. I wanted something spicy, and I have been wanting to try this recipe for a long time. Noble Pig had a similar recipe up (inspiration to finally try this recipe!), and I incorporated some of her ingredients into this as well. All in all…quite satisfying. Also, spicy. So, mission accomplished. Try making this on the next rainy day… it’s pretty damn good comfort food, and isn’t even bad for you. Except for the bacon fat. I can’t be perfect!!

Let’s begin, class.

You start by getting some bacon (3 slices) going in a deep skillet, over medium heat I guess. Who cares. Just let it cook.

Now, you need a small onion. Or, if you are like me, you need the 1/4 of an onion that you had in your fridge, and the 2 shallots you found in the back of the pantry. Perfectly reasonable.

Slice those suckers up. Voila:

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